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Title: Victory Kiss
Author: thenarnianqueen
Rating: PG
Prompt: #9; Victory
Prompt Set: 50.3
Word Count: 425
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns everything.
Summary: Harry Potter has just defeated Voldemort. Victory kiss between Hermione and Ron? Yes.

This is for my 50/50 Ron/Hermione table for HERE

The time had finally come. It was all over, and the sudden image of Voldemort sinking to the floor with defeat as he was killed by his own repelling spell caused a huge wash of emotions. Mostly relief.
Hermione stood on the spot in shock, feeling the presence of Ron standing next to her in the same state and his eyes fixated on Harry.

“Bloody Merlin.. He bloody did it!” she heard Ron say, excitedly, next to her. He looked down at Hermione and she saw a huge smile pasted across his battle-worn face, and before they knew it, they were running towards Harry, their arms spread out wide and engulfing him into an embrace that was so tight that Hermione was worried they’d suffocate him.

“Well done, Harry!” she said into his shoulder as they participated in a group hug. They pulled away and Hermione spotted Ginny rushing forward, so she decided to grab Ron’s arm and pull him aside for her to see Harry alone. Well, not entirely alone..

Ron sighed and smiled at Hermione again, “Can you bloody believe it? The git did it!”

Hermione chuckled and wrapped her arms around Ron’s neck, letting out a happy sob, burying her dirt-ridden face into his shoulder. He returned the hug, snaking his arms around her waist, tightly and protectively, planting a hard kiss on the top of her hair.

After what felt like hours, she pulled her head back and smiled up at Ron, eyeing his lips, but before she had time to act upon anything or even register how soft and beautiful his lips were, they were crashing ontop of hers. Ron had kissed her with desperation, and Hermione couldn’t not respond to the breath-taking, running her fingers through his hair.

She could feel the kiss deepening, the build up of so many years of wanting this was piling all into one moment - their second moment together that night - and the need to stop was getting smaller by the precious second.

Ron pulled away slowly, his hand stroking her face, gently, his other firmly on the small of her back, “You alright?”

Hermione nodded, “Of course. Was that a victory kiss, Ronald?”

He had to chuckle ”I suppose it was. I had to let it out, Hermione, I’ve been wanting to do that for so long! When’s the best time to do it?” he let out a laugh, “Harry’s finally done it, it’s all over”

She smiled, “We can live normal lives now”

“I dunno about that…. but near enough”

Tags: fanfic: 100quills, fanfic: story, hp: ron/hermione

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